Consumer Credit Services

Large distribution network and in-house solutions of credit related services with a focus on the “credit challenged” end user.

Customized Solutions

Custom made applications built with the targeted end user in mind. Credit is king and our solutions deliver the demand to the client.

Stock Information

Investor kits and information readily available upon request.

An Amazing Approach to a Credit Centered World

The Summary
We the “sub-prime” guy

EZJR is a consumer credit service company with multiple segments, with an emphasis on marketing to sub-prime homebuyers and other consumers in need of credit-related financial solutions. The Company currently targets “credit-challenged” consumers whom are actively seeking assistance in repairing and monitoring their credit profiles.

EZJR has developed a proven “credit-centric” strategy that provides all of the information, tools, products and services that consumers need to repair and monitor their credit profiles; and ultimately, become homeowners.

The Growth
Our markets are growing

With our markets centered around individuals with poor to little credit, it’s no secret that this segment of our population is growing quickly. The average amount of credit card debt carried by the average household is at an all-time high. All trends point to this not changing anytime soon which only leads to massive growth for EZJR, Inc.

Our products help people manage and increase their buying abilities while learning to manage their debt.

At the very core of EZJR is the american dream of becoming a home owner. A large segment of the consumers of EZJR’s products are individuals who want to own a home but lack the ability to obtain a traditional home mortgage. Through our proprietary system we are able to guide our consumers down the correct path to obtaining the information needed to become a home owner.

Our buffet of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit Management and Monitoring
  • Home Listings
  • Debt Settlement
  • Home Location Services

Aiming High

  • The Goal

    To become one of the largest financial lead clearing houses in the nation. Our target client base is growing and we offer solutions that every middle class American desires.

  • Our Statement

    We aim provide real, easy to use solutions that every middle class American desires and needs when making a major financial decision. Our solutions revolutionize every aspect of the financial realm and help drive creative buying decisions which may have once thought impossible.

Credit Monitoring

Since the inception of credit into our society it has longed been the barometer for lending credibility. When that credibility is damaged the ability to borrow becomes challenging. Simple concept.

EZJR, Inc provides the ability for it’s consumers to check their credit scores and provides unique tools so that it’s consumers can keep a watchful eye over their credit status.

Credit Management

It is a long established fact that without good and established credit, the average consumer will face many obstacles in a buying market. Correcting credit issues can be even more cumbersome now with the availability of data across the internet.

EZJR offers a revolutionary suite of credit management products that allow a consumer to visualize their actual credit buying power. Consumers can work with their own real life financial situation inside a credit management simulator. This type of solution is one of many inside our suite of credit management products.

Home Listing Data

We have married up the financial world with real life products consumers buy and sell every single day. One of our largest consumer products is our home listing databases.

We monetize our ability to collect home listing data that consumers search in the millions every day into a product that delivers a unique home search experience. Consumers are looking for homes because they want to move and we have brought the entire process of home searching and buying under one roof.

Affiliate Networks

The internet produces billions of users every single day. All of those users see multiple ads during an average usage event. Knowing where the users are browsing is an ever changing market.

We have leveraged our technology to create a massive network of affiliate advertisers that can actively predict and produce consumer traffic across a multitude of products that consumers buy every single day.