Barry Hall, CEO, CFO and Director

Mr. Hall was appointed to the Board of Directors as Executive Chairman and Chief Financial Officer on January 28, 2014. Mr. Hall concurrently serves as the President of Carlaris LV Inc.(Carlaris), which provides consulting services to the Company pursuant to a consulting agreement between Carlaris and the Company, dated March 15, 2013. Since July 2007 Hall has served as President of Carlaris and its predecessor company Carlaris, Inc., which provides management and consulting services. Prior to the formation of Carlaris, Hall had  various management roles including Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CalAmp Corp (symbol:CAMP), Chief Financial Officer of Earthlink, Inc. (symbol:ELNK), Chief Financial Officer of Styleclick, Inc., Chief Financial Officer of L.A. Cellular and Chief Financial Officer of Applied Solar Energy Corporation. Early in his career Hall worked as an Certified Public Accountant and audit manager for Arthur Young & Company where he managed the audits of a variety of companies in the high-tech, financial services and restaurant industries. Mr. Hall concurrently serves as the President of Carlaris LV, Inc. which provides consulting services to the Company pursuant to a new consulting agreement between Carlaris and EZJR, dated December 1, 2014. Hall holds an MBA and a BA in Mathematics, both earned at San Diego State University. Between earning those degrees, Hall served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp.

Denis Betsi, Chief Technology Officer and Director

Mr. Betsi was appointed to the Board of Directors on May 24, 2014. On December 23, 2014 he was appointed Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Betsi has 18-years of experience in high-tech, marketing industry, data analytics and business intelligence. He has served as a Chief Executive Office, President or Chief Technical officer for a variety of privately high tech, nutraceutical and Internet marketing companies. For the past 18-years, Mr. Betsi has worked to create a payment processing platform which has processed well over $1 Billion USD in direct & Internet marketing transactions. He has also been involved in multiple product launches in different niches and different countries and languages and has been instrumental in building the technological backbone of these launches. Mr. Betsi’s first IT startup was at the age of 19 and has since provided a wide range of services including consulting in the field of data analytics, business intelligence, customer satisfaction and retention programs as well as developing a complete eCommerce Software, Shopping cart solutions and Customer Relationship Management platform as well as being the CTO for 2 affiliate networks. Mr. Betsi concurrently serves as the President of Into Sales, Inc., which provides consulting services to the Company pursuant to a consulting agreement between Into Sales and EZJR, dated November 1, 2014.

Juan Hernandez,  Director

Mr. Hernandez was appointed to the Board of Directors on May 24, 2014. Juan Hernandez, served at IFXBG as director, in charge of overseeing the process of listing companies in the Frankfurt stock exchange as well as the GXG in London, also on double listings for companies that needed to raise funds on European Markets. He has experience on the process of taking a company public, raising funds and on structuring financial instruments for project financing. Mr. Hernandez is a director at Guerrilla Social Media Optimization and is responsible for handling the Internet marketing of several of the public listed companies. Mr. Hernandez also held various management positions in companies in the financial, health, telecom and Internet fields. He holds a degree in Systems Engineering
from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela in 2001, then went to live in Spain where he worked at companies such as Telecinco and Telecor.